I. port port 1 [pɔːt ǁ pɔːrt] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] TRANSPORT a place where ships can load and unload people or things, or a town or city that has one of these places:

• Inspectors were holding up grain exports at Canadian ports.

Port officials reported huge losses on port operations last year.

• The cargo can leave port immediately.

• the Jordanian port of Aqaba

ˌChannel ˈport [countable] TRANSPORT TRAVEL
a port along the south coast of England or the north coast of France, especially one where ships carrying people and goods between England and France arrive and leave:

• the transfer of money away from the Channel ports to the Eurotunnel

conˈtainer port
[countable] a port with special machines for loading and unloading large containers
ˈfree port
[countable] COMMERCE TRANSPORT TAX a port where customs duty (= a tax paid on imported goods) does not have to be paid on imports that are to be sent to another country to be sold, or used to manufacture goods that will be sold abroad
ˈhome port
[countable] the port where a ship is found most of the time when it is not travelling
ˌport of ˈentry ports of entry PLURALFORM [countable] TRANSPORT TRAVEL
a port or airport where people or goods can enter a country:

• The animals must be removed from the port of entry in a registered vehicle.

ˌport of ˈregistry ports of registry PLURALFORM
[countable] TAX the port given as a ship's base in official records for purposes of taxation etc. This may or may not be its home port
2. [countable] COMPUTING a part of a computer where you can connect another piece of equipment such as a printer:

• The unit plugs into the printer port of your PC.

ˈcomm ˌport [countable] COMPUTING
a part of a computer where you can connect a piece of equipment used to communicate with other computers, such as a modem
ˌparallel ˈport [countable] COMPUTING
a part of a computer that sends or receives information through more than one wire, connected to something such as a printer
ˌserial ˈport [countable] COMPUTING
a part of a computer that sends or receives information through one wire in a series of stages
  [m0] II. port port 2 verb [transitive] COMPUTING
to run software on another computer system without changing it in any way:
port something to something

• Can Windows applications be ported to Unix?

* * *

port UK US /pɔːt/ noun
[C or U] TRANSPORT an area of water and the land and buildings surrounding it, where ships can take on and off goods and passengers: »

Ports along the Mississippi River handle 56 percent of the nation's grain shipments.

come into/leave port »

Officials moved to stop the ship from leaving port.


port officials/security

[C] TRANSPORT a town that has such an area: »

important East-Coast ports such as Baltimore

[C] IT a part of a computer where you can connect another piece of equipment, such as a printer or screen: »

A DVI monitor port lets you connect a digital LCD monitor.

See also FREE PORT(Cf. ↑free port), HOME PORT(Cf. ↑home port), PARALLEL PORT(Cf. ↑parallel port), SERIAL PORT(Cf. ↑serial port)
port UK US /pɔːt/ verb [T]
IT, COMMUNICATIONS to move software, a phone number, etc. to another system, without it being changed: port sth to sth »

Our staff will check if your number can be ported to another operator who will help you with the process.

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